Do you always go out for parties well-dressed with an aim to impress girls? Do you want to make a good first impression upon meeting your blind date? If yes, then you need to take your game to the next level. In addition to dressing well, you also need to smell well. And synthetic pheromone colognes can do the trick for you.

Pheromones quickly initiate a response from women’s olfactory sensors. She immediately senses that there’s a hunter around looking for girls. That’s the type of response you expect. According to experts, men’s cologne with pheromones stimulate sexual behavior in women. That means you can go the distance the same night you hook up with someone.

Many studies show that human pheromones, especially androstadienone, promote a woman’s sexual desire. If you are wondering which synthetic pheromone colognes would help you make a move on your favorite girl in the club, then keep these factors in mind before buying one.

  1. Not all pheromone colognes contain the seductive pheromones that can attract women. Some of the colognes contain synthetic components that try to mimic the tantalizing effects of androsterone or androstenol. Don’t fall into these traps. Always buy synthetic colognes that contain androsterone as one of the primary ingredients.
  2. You can’t expect to meet and impress a girl every time you visit a club. It’s essential to keep your doors open whenever you go out. That means you need a pheromone cologne that’s not just perfect for date nights but also everyday wear. Fragrances with a citrusy blend from lemon, neroli, bergamot, or Rose de Mai, Pour Homme emit a strong scent that triggers your opposite sex’s senses and attracts them to you. Look out for colognes with a floral center note with a hint of amber base and musk to give a fruity aroma with a masculine spin.
  3. If you are not so fond of fruity smells, you can always try a different combination involving citrus and spice. This type of synthetic pheromone cologne contains a mix of citrus and a warm base of patchouli, musk, and sandalwood. It is enough to make the fragrance linger around wherever you go. You can expect to make heads turn the moment you step out of your house.
  4. What if you could bring the fragrance of the sea right into a bottle of cologne? Well, you would surely become the center of attraction once you put that cologne and go out with your friends. The fresh, airy aroma of the sea literally transports you to the beach, thus emulating the pheromones that can make your girl go wild. These types of colognes contain notes of fresh-cut apple and crisp green leaf. And when you smell the cologne for a long time, you can also pick out the notes of water lotus, drenched mimosa, and several aquatic elements. A few sprinkles of this cologne are enough to make women ask your phone number.
  5. Many women don’t like strong fragrances. If you want to go out there to impress such women, then it’s better to pick a pheromone cologne containing soft floral notes and tangy grapefruit. This combination comes with a sweet blend of suede, leather, and cedar. The aroma is quite refreshing and offers a sensual fragrance that can make your date night extra special. It works as an irresistible force that draws women closer to you.

Now that you know the secret to impressing women, don’t waste time scouring through tons of colognes. Shortlist the ones that contain synthetic pheromones and buy the one that you think would impress others in a flash.