Spend a little bit of time in the company of like-minded folk and sooner or later the controversial topic of psychic protection will come up. Many psychics, readers and mediums insist on performing some kind of psychic protection ritual before doing any kind of spiritual work; others, however, believe this is an unnecessary distraction which sows fear and mistrust.

Psychic Healing

So what is psychic protection, and is there any evidence that it’s needed? If you want it, how do you get it? Let’s find out.

Protection from Who, or What?

Those who believe in psychic protection suggest that protection is needed against three principal potential problems for the psychic worker:

  1. Protection Against Negative Entities

Negative entities in this context might mean demons, negative elementals or dark forces of some other kind. It’s worth noting, however, that the concept of dark entities depends on your own religious faith (or lack of one). It’s entirely possible to be both spiritual and psychic without being religious, and for those who do not have a religious faith, the fear of demons and dark entities is much less pronounced.

  1. Protection Against Evil Spirits

If you are working or developing as a medium, some believe that evil or negative spirits of deceased people could affect, interrupt or harm you. The theory here is that if someone did evil on earth, they continue to do so in the spirit realms. However, it should be noted that this is entirely contrary to spiritualist beliefs – in spiritualism, those who perpetrate evil on earth learn from this in the spirit realm, and all spirit is love. There is no spiritualist concept of evil spirits or harmful spirits, so mediums who believe this are probably not spiritualists as such.

  1. Protection Against Negative Influences from the Living

The third kind of protection is from the negative thoughts, wishes and auras of the living people around you. Some believe that asking for psychic protection will keep their own aura pure; however, just as many others believe that this is a very unspiritual thing to do, as we should be reaching out to and embracing those who need help, not trying to keep them at a psychic arm’s length.

Asking for Psychic Protection

There are many different methods of asking for or seeking psychic protection. Some psychics and mediums will do this through a short prayer. Many do it through visualization of some kind, for instance by visualizing a pure white bubble of light around them through which nothing but good can penetrate. Others will use crystals or spells for psychic protection, or will simply affirm before working that they wish to work only with those who have the highest intent. Many psychics use a combination of methods, as they feel appropriate at the time.

Evidence for Psychic Protection

As with so much in the psychic and spiritual world, there is no demonstrable evidence that psychic protection is required, or that it works. However, there is also no evidence that it is not needed, or does not work. Common sense might suggest that if powerful evil entities exist, then imagining a bubble of white light is not going to be enough to keep them at bay. However, psychic people are by nature instinctive and intuitive, and what counts is what feels right, not what is necessarily logical.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Spiritualists tend to work from a principle that there is nothing in the spirit world which can harm you, therefore protection is an unnecessary distraction which just frightens and intimidates those who could otherwise work with spirit. However, many, if not the majority of psychics swear by protection of some kind.

Do entirely as you feel comfortable. Do not be put off using a psychic protection ritual if doing so makes you feel more confident and safe; on the other hand, do not be pressurized into seeking protection if you personally believe it is unnecessary. If your own intent is positive and loving, then whichever choice you make you are sure to be fine.