If you are familiar with Yoga, then the only types of accessories you can relate to are a mat, props, and straps. The course has evolved as advancements in technology keep paving the way for better tools to make Yoga more efficient. Participants can now enjoy more while benefiting hugely from the practices. The latest addition is the Yoga wheel. It is a narrow cylinder-like shaped tool of about 12 inches in diameter. The production materials vary, including wood, plastic, or other materials depending on the buyer. Its primary function is to boost flexibility, enhancing stability to allow Yogis to engage in more challenging positions. It could seem like a simple tool but using it requires lots of commitment and discipline. Below are some benefits that users get from this tool.

It Strengthens The Core

One of the most commonly undertaken positions in a Yoga studio is the body plank. However, most people face a challenge to tackle it due to improper toning of muscles in the body. The trick here is to align your torso all through, but unfortunately, most cannot complete it. However, regular use of the Yoga roller makes this goal achievable within a short period. The first option is to place the yoga wheel between your feet while positioning them in a straight position. Support your torso with the upper arm and relax as much as you can. If possible, you can try rolling the wheel along your upper thighs to gain a deeper workout of the core. You will receive a short massage from it while also gaining strength.

It Builds Flexibility

Yogi’s focus on building their asanas as it is a critical part of the practice. Such positions require bending your back while the chest opening allows for a much stable and comfortable breathing formula. If you do not train yourself in this area, then even the most straightforward moves will become problematic. Breathing without a routine means that you use up more energy, thus gaining little than expected. Frequent use of the tools means you can comfortably engage in poses like a wheel, camel, and cobra. You can attain any position without much assistance and preserve your stored energy. While at it, the body becomes used, thus using a shorter period in the next sessions. All you have to do is allow your spine to curl by placing the wheel underneath you. Put it at your feet and try a forward bend while seating. Try as much to reach your feet, and push yourself to go further and touch the edge of the wheel. The results here increase the body’s flexibility, which will leave you feeling far much relieved at the end. Nature’s Integrity has a guide on how to do yoga wheel poses.

It Exposes Yogis To A New Level Of Confidence

Although Yoga might appear to be a calm and composed exercise, it takes a lot more than what meets the eye. The list of poses is endless, and all of them require a different degree of cooperation for you to succeed. Participants move gradually from the simplest of steps and proceed to the complex one. In most cases, people feel nervous when faced with an advanced pose. The yoga wheel works vitally to help yogis build their confidence to partake in these moves. They can use it as an extra arm when undertaking a forearm balance. Also, in a Scorpion position, they can hold onto the wheel and attain an inversion pose.

Using the yoga wheel requires a little more than the effort you will use in the conventional yoga classes. However, the benefits are much more as you get to build yourself up to face more challenging poses.