The Features and Benefits of A dharma Yoga Wheel

If you are familiar with Yoga, then the only types of accessories you can relate to are a mat, props, and straps. The course has evolved as advancements in technology keep paving the way for better tools to make Yoga more efficient. Participants can now enjoy more while benefiting hugely from the practices. The latest addition is the Yoga wheel. It is a narrow cylinder-like shaped tool of about 12 inches in diameter. The production materials vary, including wood, plastic, or other materials depending on the buyer. Its primary function is to boost flexibility, enhancing stability to allow Yogis to engage in more challenging positions. It could seem like a simple tool but using it requires lots of commitment and discipline. Below are some benefits that users get from this tool.

It Strengthens The Core

One of the most commonly undertaken positions in a Yoga studio is the body plank. However, most people face a challenge to tackle it due to improper toning of muscles in the body. The trick here is to align your torso all through, but unfortunately, most cannot complete it. However, regular use of the Yoga roller makes this goal achievable within a short period. The first option is to place the yoga wheel between your feet while positioning them in a straight position. Support your torso with the upper arm and relax as much as you can. If possible, you can try rolling the wheel along your upper thighs to gain a deeper workout of the core. You will receive a short massage from it while also gaining strength.

It Builds Flexibility

Yogi’s focus on building their asanas as it is a critical part of the practice. Such positions require bending your back while the chest opening allows for a much stable and comfortable breathing formula. If you do not train yourself in this area, then even the most straightforward moves will become problematic. Breathing without a routine means that you use up more energy, thus gaining little than expected. Frequent use of the tools means you can comfortably engage in poses like a wheel, camel, and cobra. You can attain any position without much assistance and preserve your stored energy. While at it, the body becomes used, thus using a shorter period in the next sessions. All you have to do is allow your spine to curl by placing the wheel underneath you. Put it at your feet and try a forward bend while seating. Try as much to reach your feet, and push yourself to go further and touch the edge of the wheel. The results here increase the body’s flexibility, which will leave you feeling far much relieved at the end. Nature’s Integrity has a guide on how to do yoga wheel poses.

It Exposes Yogis To A New Level Of Confidence

Although Yoga might appear to be a calm and composed exercise, it takes a lot more than what meets the eye. The list of poses is endless, and all of them require a different degree of cooperation for you to succeed. Participants move gradually from the simplest of steps and proceed to the complex one. In most cases, people feel nervous when faced with an advanced pose. The yoga wheel works vitally to help yogis build their confidence to partake in these moves. They can use it as an extra arm when undertaking a forearm balance. Also, in a Scorpion position, they can hold onto the wheel and attain an inversion pose.

Using the yoga wheel requires a little more than the effort you will use in the conventional yoga classes. However, the benefits are much more as you get to build yourself up to face more challenging poses.

5 Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Synthetic Pheromone Colognes

Do you always go out for parties well-dressed with an aim to impress girls? Do you want to make a good first impression upon meeting your blind date? If yes, then you need to take your game to the next level. In addition to dressing well, you also need to smell well. And synthetic pheromone colognes can do the trick for you.

Pheromones quickly initiate a response from women’s olfactory sensors. She immediately senses that there’s a hunter around looking for girls. That’s the type of response you expect. According to experts, men’s cologne with pheromones stimulate sexual behavior in women. That means you can go the distance the same night you hook up with someone.

Many studies show that human pheromones, especially androstadienone, promote a woman’s sexual desire. If you are wondering which synthetic pheromone colognes would help you make a move on your favorite girl in the club, then keep these factors in mind before buying one.

  1. Not all pheromone colognes contain the seductive pheromones that can attract women. Some of the colognes contain synthetic components that try to mimic the tantalizing effects of androsterone or androstenol. Don’t fall into these traps. Always buy synthetic colognes that contain androsterone as one of the primary ingredients.
  2. You can’t expect to meet and impress a girl every time you visit a club. It’s essential to keep your doors open whenever you go out. That means you need a pheromone cologne that’s not just perfect for date nights but also everyday wear. Fragrances with a citrusy blend from lemon, neroli, bergamot, or Rose de Mai, Pour Homme emit a strong scent that triggers your opposite sex’s senses and attracts them to you. Look out for colognes with a floral center note with a hint of amber base and musk to give a fruity aroma with a masculine spin.
  3. If you are not so fond of fruity smells, you can always try a different combination involving citrus and spice. This type of synthetic pheromone cologne contains a mix of citrus and a warm base of patchouli, musk, and sandalwood. It is enough to make the fragrance linger around wherever you go. You can expect to make heads turn the moment you step out of your house.
  4. What if you could bring the fragrance of the sea right into a bottle of cologne? Well, you would surely become the center of attraction once you put that cologne and go out with your friends. The fresh, airy aroma of the sea literally transports you to the beach, thus emulating the pheromones that can make your girl go wild. These types of colognes contain notes of fresh-cut apple and crisp green leaf. And when you smell the cologne for a long time, you can also pick out the notes of water lotus, drenched mimosa, and several aquatic elements. A few sprinkles of this cologne are enough to make women ask your phone number.
  5. Many women don’t like strong fragrances. If you want to go out there to impress such women, then it’s better to pick a pheromone cologne containing soft floral notes and tangy grapefruit. This combination comes with a sweet blend of suede, leather, and cedar. The aroma is quite refreshing and offers a sensual fragrance that can make your date night extra special. It works as an irresistible force that draws women closer to you.

Now that you know the secret to impressing women, don’t waste time scouring through tons of colognes. Shortlist the ones that contain synthetic pheromones and buy the one that you think would impress others in a flash.

Do You Need Psychic Protection?

Spend a little bit of time in the company of like-minded folk and sooner or later the controversial topic of psychic protection will come up. Many psychics, readers and mediums insist on performing some kind of psychic protection ritual before doing any kind of spiritual work; others, however, believe this is an unnecessary distraction which sows fear and mistrust.

Psychic Healing

So what is psychic protection, and is there any evidence that it’s needed? If you want it, how do you get it? Let’s find out.

Protection from Who, or What?

Those who believe in psychic protection suggest that protection is needed against three principal potential problems for the psychic worker:

  1. Protection Against Negative Entities

Negative entities in this context might mean demons, negative elementals or dark forces of some other kind. It’s worth noting, however, that the concept of dark entities depends on your own religious faith (or lack of one). It’s entirely possible to be both spiritual and psychic without being religious, and for those who do not have a religious faith, the fear of demons and dark entities is much less pronounced.

  1. Protection Against Evil Spirits

If you are working or developing as a medium, some believe that evil or negative spirits of deceased people could affect, interrupt or harm you. The theory here is that if someone did evil on earth, they continue to do so in the spirit realms. However, it should be noted that this is entirely contrary to spiritualist beliefs – in spiritualism, those who perpetrate evil on earth learn from this in the spirit realm, and all spirit is love. There is no spiritualist concept of evil spirits or harmful spirits, so mediums who believe this are probably not spiritualists as such.

  1. Protection Against Negative Influences from the Living

The third kind of protection is from the negative thoughts, wishes and auras of the living people around you. Some believe that asking for psychic protection will keep their own aura pure; however, just as many others believe that this is a very unspiritual thing to do, as we should be reaching out to and embracing those who need help, not trying to keep them at a psychic arm’s length.

Asking for Psychic Protection

There are many different methods of asking for or seeking psychic protection. Some psychics and mediums will do this through a short prayer. Many do it through visualization of some kind, for instance by visualizing a pure white bubble of light around them through which nothing but good can penetrate. Others will use crystals or spells for psychic protection, or will simply affirm before working that they wish to work only with those who have the highest intent. Many psychics use a combination of methods, as they feel appropriate at the time.

Evidence for Psychic Protection

As with so much in the psychic and spiritual world, there is no demonstrable evidence that psychic protection is required, or that it works. However, there is also no evidence that it is not needed, or does not work. Common sense might suggest that if powerful evil entities exist, then imagining a bubble of white light is not going to be enough to keep them at bay. However, psychic people are by nature instinctive and intuitive, and what counts is what feels right, not what is necessarily logical.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Spiritualists tend to work from a principle that there is nothing in the spirit world which can harm you, therefore protection is an unnecessary distraction which just frightens and intimidates those who could otherwise work with spirit. However, many, if not the majority of psychics swear by protection of some kind.

Do entirely as you feel comfortable. Do not be put off using a psychic protection ritual if doing so makes you feel more confident and safe; on the other hand, do not be pressurized into seeking protection if you personally believe it is unnecessary. If your own intent is positive and loving, then whichever choice you make you are sure to be fine.

Uncovering The Truth About Home Security Systems

control panelFinding the right home security system is no easy task, partly due to the infinite number of systems available, and partly because only few can optimally secure your property the way you would want. Indeed, there are a number of good security systems out there such as Link Interactive and all it takes is a little research to find the perfect one that complements your needs. However, you will need to ask yourself a few questions before embarking on anything. For starters, is the best home security system necessarily the most expensive? Is a wireless system the most ideal? Let’s have a look at some of the aspects you should consider when shopping for a quality home security system.

Finding the Right Features

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to home security systems as they vary greatly in regards to the features they pack. For instance, you may be seeking a simplistic DIY system with basic features such as smoke and motion detectors. Such systems can easily be purchased at your local hardware store and installed easily. They come with programmed keypads that alert you when the wrong code is entered. On the flipside, you can opt for more sophisticated systems that are monitored round the clock by a specific security company. Such systems allow you to choose the features you want installed ranging from basic smoke detectors to temperature gauges that alert you when your furnace is broken.

The Right Company

If you decide to settle for the more sophisticated home security systems, then it goes without saying that you will have to choose the right company to not only install but also monitor it. If this is the case, how therefore do you find the perfect fit? Well, you can begin by asking the prospective firm whether its personnel is fully trained and certified. Besides this, ask for quotes to get an idea of how much you will have to part with, alongside the business license.

The Right Price

As stated earlier, home security systems vary greatly not only in regards to the features they entail, but also the price tag attached to them. Basic DIY features can cost anywhere from 10 bucks to a few hundred dollars. With the sophisticated monitored home systems though, you will have to subscribe to a monthly fee in addition to the initial cost of purchase.

All said, the perfect home security system is one that not only knows all members of your family, but one that optimally enhances security which is in fact, its primary feature.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Psychic Readings

crystal ballAccurate psychic readings are loved by people of just about every age. Online readings like the ones at Psychic Source might be anything from psychic intuitive or clairvoyant advice, to Tarot card reading to a rune casting to an astrology horoscope. Readings derive from the spiritual power that surrounds you at the moment and undoubtedly can change. Online readings are without doubt distinct within their make-up, delivery and effects. Good luck also is not lasting; consequently, there is no use for too much attachment when things are going nicely. But… when things get tough an online reading can be a God send. There are some great testimonials from clients at Psychic Source that prove the value of an online psychic reading.

The Whole New World of Clairvoyants

Internet psychic advisers really are a fresh advancement that has shifted from psychic reading from the metaphysical fairs towards the web. Net psychic sites provide a mixture of expert services much like your typical in-person or hot line telepathic advisers. Internet psychic reading is usually priced by for every minute. Online psychics may be contacted by way of web cam, chat rooms, email or by phone and Skype.


Online scams run rampant and they are everywhere, including Internet psychic scams. Psychic readings online can be done by lots of different people and regrettably there are some fake psychics, who are doing false clairvoyant or intuitive readings, and consequently giving true psychics an awful reputation. Good clairvoyant readers should be capable to come up with some exact names for you. For example, names of the your deceased or live relations. No trustworthy reader will try to sell you during a psychic sitting, and if you believe you are in a used car lot instead of in the presence of a gifted reader, your best bet is to walk out or get off the telephone right away. This would never happen to you at a five-star rated network like Psychic Source, for example.

The Best Way to Proceed

Getting an accurate psychic reading is more complex than one might assume. Getting accurate intuitive readings, however, will not be so difficult like in years past. The key to success is finding honest reviews of professional psychic networks. Receiving a live on the web spiritual reading can be very to your advantage or else not valuable whatsoever. It all depends on you finding the best psychic service network- like Psychic Source. Receiving the top reading gives each person with judicious path of action with regard to what your immediate outlook has in store for them. Getting the most precise readings gives an individual a good idea on what the future has to bring.

Everything You Need To Know About Identity Theft

stolen social security cardIdentity theft is considered as the most prevalent crimes that affect a large number of people across the globe as it is an extremely fast growing crime that can cost you thousands of dollars. Whether you have used the internet for checking your bank account or you have used your credit card when on vacation, you can also become a victim of this kind of theft. Hence it is very important that you educate yourself about this kind of theft so that you can protect and safeguard yourself from this theft.

Causes of identity theft

When your personal information as well as other key pieces of information gets leaked to another person then they make use this information for stealing your identity. It usually takes place when a person uses your social security number to gain legal employment in country or someone uses your identity for gaining legal entry to any other country. Hence it is very important that you make sure that your identity is not stolen because becoming a victim of identity theft can damage your credibility and reputation. Thus it is very important that you protect yourself from this kind of situation so that you don’t have to face any of these consequences.

Types of identity theft

Financial identity theft is one of the most common kinds of theft in which your personal information is stole for setting up financial accounts in your name but without your knowledge and permission. They will set up a complete portfolio in your name which includes credit cards, bank accounts, loans and mortgages. Hence it is very important that you dispose all your personal as well as financial documents carefully to avoid being a victim of this theft.

Social security identity theft is also a very huge problem that affects a large number of people as it make use of your social security number that can be used for opening a bank account in your name. This is generally done by email scams or phishing, stealing mains and dumpster diving done by thieves. Therefore you should never provide your social security number to anyone on phone or internet because illegal miscreants are always on the prowl to steal your valuable information.

Medical identity theft is also a rise in which an individual without insurance undergoes medical treatment on your insurance policy. This can adversely affect your life and health insurance so be careful of these thieves.

Reasons To Choose Pet Insurance

If you are a pet owner and stressed about paying the high veterinary bills for your pet in case of any accident or illness then a pet insurance is the perfect solution for you. This insurance has been especially designed for covering your pet as you can insure your pet for getting a sense of comfort and re-assurance regarding the safety of your pet. The insurance also prepares you ahead of any accidents as you will get financial assistance when you need money for your pet’s treatment.

Factors to consider when looking for a pet insurance

It is very important that you have the best options to select from when you are considering insurance for your pet as it will help to make the final decision. The most important factors that you need to consider is the age of your pet because younger pet have lower premium as compared to older ones. Your pet breed is also an important factor that the insurance company will take into consideration at the time of giving an insurance quotes for your pet. There are some pet breeds that are highly prone to attracting diseases as compared to others and hence their insurance premium will be higher.

Your neighborhood or the place where you live will also be taken into consideration at the time of getting an insurance policy and if you are living in a neighborhood that has higher tendency of increasing diseases or infections that the risk will be higher which eventually will increase the premium rate. The insurance company will also get information about the area where you live because if you are living in a busy or noisy area where the chances of your pet accident is high then you will need to pay more premium for the insurance. The medical records of your pet is of utmost importance for the insurance company to know as they will look at the medical history and past illnesses of the pet before providing an insurance policy for them.

There are different kinds of pet insurance coverage as the insurance policy will vary in price and hence it is very important that you look for a policy that suits your budget and health needs of your pet. You will also need to take into account the cost of an insurance plan so that you can get an insurance that fit your budget perfectly.